Individual Company Commitments

  • All Members demonstrate leadership and support in sourcing 100% certified sustainable palm oil.
  • All Members support on the ground action, such as smallholder landscapes, conservation projects, traceability and/or forest restoration projects.
  • All Members advocate for sustainable palm oil through initiatives and events.


SASPO members set meaningful time-bound targets to procure 100% certified sustainable palm oil according to their current palm oil footprint, and taking into account industry challenges.

Associate Members

Associate Members are organisations that are actively involved in initiatives and advocacy for sustainable palm oil in Singapore and the region through members’ events, initiatives and creation of resources around sustainable palm oil.

Advanced Members

Advanced Members have reached 100% certified sustainable palm oil in their value chains and make a meaningful time-bound commitment to align with the Accountability Framework to ensure their supply chains remain deforestation and conversion-free and respect human rights.

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