What is SASPO, and how does it help businesses adopt sustainable palm oil sourcing policies?

Founded June 2016, SASPO (Singapore Alliance for Sustainable Palm Oil) is a multi-stakeholder initiative of like-minded organizations involved in the usage of palm oil in Singapore. Through capacity building, workshops and resources, SASPO provides a supportive ecosystem for businesses to adopt sustainable sourcing policies. Businesses are provided with guidance and best practices to help them lower their deforestation footprint and address the growing consumer demand for sustainability. 

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SASPO is facilitated by WWF-Singapore

The WWF logo with the words "Working with the palm oil industry towards sustainability".


A Singapore where 100% of palm oil consumed is free from deforestation and conversion of natural ecosystems. 


SASPO is committed to utilising the power of market demand to incentivise the production and consumption of sustainable palm oil. SASPO works towards generating sustainable palm oil commitments, demand and uptake of sustainable palm oil in Singapore.

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