In the palm of Singapore’s hand: Advancing the sustainable palm oil agenda

Published in 2021, “In the palm of Singapore’s hand – advancing the sustainable palm oil agenda” highlights the central position that Singapore occupies in the global palm oil sector, and provides actionable recommendations for stakeholders to accelerate the transition to a more responsible and sustainable palm oil industry hub out of Singapore.  

As Singapore focuses on sustainable development with the Green Plan 2030, the report underscores the opportunities for key palm oil stakeholders operating in Singapore — buyers, traders, financial institutions and the government — to become powerful catalysts that enable the transition to a more sustainable palm oil industry. 

The report highlights that while some Singapore companies are leading the way, many have yet to make commitments on the use of sustainable palm oil. Today, only an estimated 10% of palm oil consumed in Singapore is RSPO-certified. 

The report also finds that there are untapped opportunities for engagement with local palm oil buyers from sectors such as cosmetics, surfactants, pharmaceuticals and biofuels that have not been fully involved in the sustainability conversation. Many of the world’s largest palm oil trading companies are headquartered in Singapore and can lead by example by helping to secure strengthened commitments from suppliers and buyers, and contributing to an increased level of transparency. 

Guide to Sustainable Palm Oil for Singapore Companies: Economic Benefits and Sourcing Guidelines

Published in 2018, this guide aims to empower Singapore businesses to make the first steps to transform their business supply chains and incorporate sustainable sourcing policies – the backbone to corporate sustainability.

This paper will help you to understand:

  1. The importance of sustainable palm oil.
  2. The economic benefits companies stand to gain from a sustainable palm oil sourcing policy.
  3. The process of palm oil sourcing conversion.

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