SASPO (SUPPORT ASIA FOR SUSTAINABLE PALM OIL) was founded in 2016 by seven founding members; ASEAN CSR Network, Ayam Brand, Danone, IKEA, Unilever, Wildlife Reserves Singapore and WWF-Singapore. The alliance is the first business initiative in ASEAN focusing on sustainable palm oil. Through capacity building, workshops and educational resources, SASPO lowers the barriers for businesses to adopt sustainable sourcing policies.

In 2017, SASPO experienced a 200% spike in new members. Our members represent a great mix of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), local and regional chains, and multinational corporations (MNCs), accounting for 81 brands and 200 food and beverage companies. Bringing to consumers their everlasting favourites while adopting more and more sustainable palm oil into their palm oil supply chain, our member companies are now leading in their respective industries in the realms of sustainable sourcing.


An Asia where businesses are using 100% RSPO-certified sustainable palm oil (hereby ‘CSPO’).


SASPO is committed to utilising the power of market demand to incentivise the production of sustainable palm oil and envisions an Asia where businesses are using 100% CSPO. SASPO will mobilise strategies that generate demand, commitments and uptake of sustainable palm oil in markets in Asia. 



The Steering Committee is made up of elected representatives from the Emerald, Green and Associate members of SASPO. The Steering Committee is the main body that provides the strategic directions and work themes of SASPO. Currently, the following SASPO members sit on the Steering Committee: ASEAN CSR Network, Ayam Brand, Danone, Unilever, Wildlife Reserves Singapore and WWF-Singapore.


The Secretariat is established to support the operational and administrative work of SASPO.  It also takes the lead in membership development and expansion through conducting monthly outreach activities relevant to all palm oil companies as well as manufacturers and retailers using palm oil in Asia.

The Secretariat reports to the Steering Committee and the Secretariat is appointed by the Steering Committee. The current SASPO Secretariat is led by the Market Transformation team from WWF-Singapore consisting of Aqeela Samat and Adeline Loo.